Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lemons to Lemonade

While browsing Amazon not too long ago, I found a doll advertised as a "Kid Delf" for sale for a really good price.  I couldn't identify it as a Kid Delf - turns out she was actually a Blue Fairy doll (Tiny Fairy Sarang).  I bought her because it was too good of a deal to pass up.

Things got a little weird after that.  I got a notice that my money was refunded.  The doll was marked as shipped, and I didn't request to cancel the order, so I don't know why that happened.  I contacted the seller through Amazon to find out why.  Instead of getting an email reply, I got a phone call from the company the next day demanding that I deposit money into their bank account for the doll since they already shipped her.  The person on the phone barely spoke any English, so it was very difficult to understand.  I have no idea about transferring money into bank accounts, and that just sounds fishy to me, so we agreed (I think?) that I would just purchase the doll again on Amazon so that they would get their money.  I wanted to wait until the doll arrived though, but as it turns out, the company no longer has the item listed on Amazon, so there's no way for me to re-purchase it anyway.

The doll arrived later that day.  I opened the package and... it wasn't the doll depicted on the item listing.  Instead of the Tiny Fairy Sarang, with her cute smiling face and blue eyes, the doll that stared back at me from the box had a frown and green eyes.  A quick browse of Blue Fairy's website, and I was able to identify her as Olive.

I was... disappointed.  ):  Also kind of angry.  I wasn't sure what to do.  Send her back?  I looked at her sad little face.. and no, I couldn't do that.  Already she was speaking to me.  She may not have been the doll that I ordered, but how could I look at a doll and not want her?  I felt bad for her being "unwanted" - "unloved".

The new doll's personality began to form.  Her name is now Olivia Grace.  She is here to stay, and she is certainly not unwanted anymore.  (:


Friday, July 1, 2011

Doll Blogging

I decided to start a blog about my love for my dolls.  I will be posting anything and everything related to my life with my dolls, thoughts about dolls, pictures, maybe I'll even do some creative writing and post stories with my dolls as the characters. 

So.. stay tuned.  (: